Patriot Taxiway Industries

Excellence in Design, Testing and Execution

Patriot Taxiway Industries is an award winning lighting solutions provider. Our mission is to provide superior quality aerospace, military lighting products and services to our customers through leadership, innovation and partnerships.

Outstanding Service is our Duty

Assembly, Test & Integration

Utilize Patriots extensive knowledge of product testing and in the field integration for multi platform lighting including their communications and control systems

Obsolete Part Form, Fit & Function

Due to the ever changing supply chain landscape Patriot utilizes their extensive knowledge to offer full product obsolescence upgrade for replacement equipment

Product Design & Development

Patriot delivers excellence in design, testing and ultimately delivery of fully operational equipment in line with our customers demanding expectations

Optical Design

Patriot has the experience to design lighting, both covert and overt, to the exacting standards of both our civilian and defense clients worldwide

Aging Aircraft

Patriot can design and deliver aircraft lighting upgrades from legacy halogen to current LED for most airframes


Patriot Taxiway Industries is dedicated to innovative research and development in the design, engineer and manufacture of state-of-the-art LED lighting technologies to provide the best illumination solutions for our customers.


Military Aircraft


Commercial Aircraft


Airfield Landing


Special Products


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Patriot Taxiway Launch the NEW Tactical Contingency Beacon

August 14, 2023|

The Patriot Taxiway Industries Tactical Contingency Beacon (TCB) is a versatile truly man-portable landing light/designation system. Each light weights 5.27 oz. (with batteries) or 2.84 oz. (without batteries) providing a landing light system that allows rapid deployment for fixed and rotary wing aircraft. Each light has an output of (White/Blue/Green/Red/Yellow and IR) which enables multiple [...]

Patriot Taxiway Industries Flying High

May 24, 2022|

As the Crew Module Lighting supplier Patriot Taxiway Industries undertook the design, development, testing and supply the adjustable cabin lighting units for the Boeing CST-100 Starliner. The capsule was due to arrive at the space station about 24 hours after launch and dock with the research outpost in orbit some 250 miles [...]

2021 Weapons and Tactics Conference

October 21, 2021|

Patriot Taxiway Industries will be attending the 2021 Weapons and Tactics Conference (WEPTAC) with our partner Yoste Strategic Partners, in Tuscon, AZ with an overview of warfighters from across the U.S., where we will be ready to discuss our technology and engineering innovations, especially the F-16 product lighting suite, StandGuard, TALKIT [...]


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