Aircraft are equipped with a variety of lights that are used for safety, navigation, and improvement of visibility during flight operations. Aircraft engineers and manufactures are searching for more energy and fuel-efficient solutions for commercial and military aircraft. Advances in LED technology have prompted aviation industry experts to consider LEDs for cost and energy saving advantages.

Patriot Taxiway Industries designs and manufactures a wide range of interior and exterior aircraft lighting products to meet your aviation lighting needs.

Interior Aircraft Lighting

aircraft lighting

Patriot designs and manufactures innovative interior LED lighting products for high reliability and maximum performance on fixed wing and rotary aircraft.

Exterior Aircraft Lighting

Patriot’s lightweight, high performance LED lighting technology has significant benefits over incandescent or fluorescent technology such as increased reliability, reduced power consumption, high illumination and long life.

LED Cargo Lighting Kit

interior aircraft lighting

Patriot Taxiway working with our customer has developed the following solution to provide more light inside the cargo bay of the KC-135.