Patriot Taxiway Industries currently provides a KC-135 Portable Cargo Lighting Kit which is a transportable non-permanent LED Internal Cargo Lighting system. Patriot Taxiways KC-135 Portable Cargo Lighting Systems have been delivered to US Air Force, US Air Force Reserve and US Air National Guard customers operating the KC-135R. We worked with the Boeing Company KC-135 support group in San Antonio on a response for equipping the entire KC-135 fleet in response to USAF KC-135 R/T INTERNAL LIGHTING RFI FA8105-ICL-KC-135(2). We are registered in the Boeing supplier database.

This system was developed in response to a request from the Kansas Air National Guard seeking to improve the lighting on the KC-135 for Aeromedical mission. Tinker Air Force Base Engineering was engaged through the development process to ensure the requirements of placing a lighting system on the KC-135R/T aircraft were met.

Several challenges were addressed in the Patriot Taxiway lighting system development to meet the customer requirements. These include:

  • No physical changes to the aircraft
    • No holes to be drilled
    • No modifications to existing electrical wiring bundles
    • No interference with existing aircraft systems
  • Zone control of the lighting
    • Master Control dims all lights in the system
    • Station Control allows individual dimming of each light fixture
  • Meeting all engineering requirements for electromagnetic interference, environmental testing, shock and vibration and explosion proof with testing by an accredited test facility
  • Portable and easy to assemble
    • System is housed in three cases to keep the maximum weight under 75 lbs to allow a single crew member to lift the case through the forward hatch.
    • Assembly time
      • 30 minutes with three trained crew chiefs
      • 45 minutes with two trained crew chiefs


Portable Cargo Bay ...


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