TCB Single Light Unit

Patriot Taxiways Tactical Contingency Beacon (TCB) is a versatile truly man-portable lightweight lighting system. Each light weights 5.27 oz. (with batteries) or 2.84 oz. (without batteries) delivering a landing light system that allows rapid deployment for fixed and rotary wing aircraft, forward operations, refueling, personnel marking (IR). The light output enables the pilot to identify landing areas or drop zones at night at distances of up to 5kms.

Advantages – Internal Antenna, full half hemisphere lighting, IR output (AN/AVS-9 Class B and C Night Vision Devices) & built in attachment points.

Operational capability meets UFC-3-260-1 and NATO STANAG-3534

The Tactical Contingency Lighting system is able to support non-overt and covert operations. The light source is Next Gen Ultra Bright LED’s that provides both visual and IR light intensity outputs as a steady or flashing signal.

Light output Red, White, Yellow, Green, Blue and IR.


  • ICAO – Annex 14 Vol1, 5.3.2 Emergency Lighting
  • FAA Advisory Circular – AC150/5345-50 Specifications for Portable Runway and Taxiway Lighting
  • CE Declaration of Conformity – 2014/53/UE Red Directive Clauses 3.1a, 3.1b, 3.2 2011/65/UE, ROHS Directive Clause 4.1

LED TCB Light Unit

Output LED White, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow and IR