Patriot Taxiway Industries and its F-16 lighting partner, Aeroforce Logistics LLC, attended the Annual Worldwide Review (WWR) August 2021 hosted by the TCG to gather F-16 operator member countries in one location to discuss common configuration, maintenance, and logistics issues and meet with qualified vendors, USG Engineers, equipment specialists, and program managers for possible solutions.

“The F-16 TCG was an effective way to meet with our clients, potential clients and understand what issues they currently face, and work with them to find a solution” Kevin McDermott company President.

More countries are now adopting the F-16 Platform, smaller fleets are becoming more prevalent globally. With a smaller fleet size, direct access to OEM’s isn’t always an option for operators, who have a difficult time getting the parts and commitment they need. The shift towards securing strong partnerships with reputable and approved suppliers is now key in the F16 community, working within the supply chain is becoming more and more complex. Patriot Taxiway Industries continues to increase its LED lighting focus on newer platforms and increased product lines.