Patriot Taxiway Industries, Inc, an aerospace and aircraft parts manufacturer, has completed a 7.6 million dollar contract to the United States Air Force by delivering 2,000 Dual Mode Portable STAND GUARD© LED lighting systems to 28 bases worldwide.

“In addition to providing these lighting systems to the Air Force to help safeguard our troops and equipment, we also brought seven new jobs to the state of Wisconsin,” said Patriot Taxiway Vice President Kevin McDermott. “We are proud to contribute to reenergizing the local economy with these jobs while supporting the U.S. military.”

“Seventy percent of the fulltime Patriot Taxiway Team members on this contract were veterans, including three service-disabled veterans” said Steven Smits, Patriot Taxiway President. “We could not ask for a more dedicated workforce.”

This contract is a benchmark for Patriot Taxiway Industries, which was founded just over 20 months ago in Omro, Wisconsin and recently moved to a larger manufacturing facility in Lomira, Wisconsin to accommodate new contract requirements. Patriot Taxiway has added an environmentally controlled room for electronic assembly and built a lighting measurements laboratory in their new facility to address specific client requirements.

Patriot Taxiway was able to complete production and delivery of this contract on time and on budget. The STAND GUARD© Portable Military Lighting systems are designed for use in austere locations supporting security and maintenance operations. The STAND GUARD© lighting systems support the reduced footprint requirements in the expeditionary environment facing U.S. war fighters and reduce deployment packages by offering a 200 lbs lighting tower system that replaces old technology 1500 lb systems. The new STAND GUARD© systems provide both visible and infrared lighting and are remotely controlled to allow control of perimeter lighting while avoiding exposure to potential enemy fire. Patriot Taxiway lights are modular designs capable of utilizing existing power supplies, controls, cables, and light heads interchangeably.