Patriot Taxiway Industries Inc, a manufacturer of light-emitting diode (LED) and Infrared (IR) lighting technologies announced that it has been granted a patent by the US Patent & Trade Office (USPTO) for the Stand Guard™ Dual Mode Portable Lighting Systems on August 16, 2011. The patent for invention number 7,997,753 is for a portable lighting system comprised of a light head which produces both visible LED and IR light, mounted on a adjustable lightweight quad pod.

“Innovation is Made in the USA and Patriot Taxiway Industries is a leader in the LED and Infrared illumination markets” Steven Smits President Patriot Taxiway Industries.

Stand Guard™ Dual Mode Portable Lighting consists of five separate lighting assemblies with remote control for security, maintenance and general illumination support. All assemblies use the same radio cabling, power supply and batteries to simplify operational requirements. Stand Guard™ meets restrictive weight requirements for use in disaster relief efforts, humanitarian missions and military deployments
including Iraq and Afghanistan.

“Patriot Taxiway leverages the use of local Wisconsin suppliers in developing our innovative lighting solutions. We it comes to supplying our war fighters with winning technology one of our strengths comes from hiring veterans for StandGuard™ development and production” Kevin McDermott Vice President Patriot Taxiway Industries.

Currently, Patriot Taxiway Industries has 630 Stand Guard™ portable lighting systems located on 26 Air Force Bases worldwide.