Patriot Taxiway Industries, a service disabled veteran owned small business, was recently awarded a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) contract to conduct a feasibility study focused on a lighting system which will provide visual guidance for pilots during aircraft approach for landings. Patriot will be providing design, analysis and expertise in the aviation lighting field to complete the study.

”Our team is focused on delivery of an effective study of the feasibility of designing a MALSR [Medium Intensity Approach Lighting System with Runway Alignment Indicator Lights] light fixture with current technology that will provide the required visual cues for the pilot and provide energy savings for airport operations,” said Kevin McDermott, Vice President of Patriot Taxiway Industries.

Based upon the results of the feasibility study, Patriot will propose the best LED (Light Emitting Diode) and IR (infrared) emitter fixture design to the FAA for improvement to the current MALSR system. This is the first phase of the project in which the FAA will determine the path forward and who will provide the next phases including prototype development and production of this important program.

“Patriot Taxiway Industries is an excellent example of small business providing answers and products made in America to the Federal government,” stated McDermott.

For the past year, Patriot Taxiway Industries has gained valuable experience in designing, manufacturing and deploying portable LED systems in the military operational environment by delivering over 1,000 LED dual mode (visible and IR) portable lighting systems to the United States Air Force to 28 based world-wide. As a technology based business in small town America Patriot Taxiway Industries exemplifies the values of hard work, high quality and efficient operations mid-America brings to the U.S. economy.